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Next level e-boarding experience made by German engineering.

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Re-engineered for the smart age

Discover a board that has been designed for the smart age. Re-engineered from the ground up to deliver upon a promise of setting the standard for new urban mobility.

Unique Design

The clean and dynamic design language makes it eye-catching and efficient at the same time.

Latest Technology

Our board is equipped with state of the art technology and AI, that enables unique self-driving mode and seamless software and hardware integration.

Seamless experience

Our technology makes active steering, braking & acceleration easy as never before.


Engineered for a unique experience

Active steering and signalization

Active braking and acceleration

Steer the board from left to right by putting pressure on the edges. The direct transmission allows steering within a small radius.

Lean forward to speed up. Lean backward for controlled braking. The active light stripes show your speed and breaking intensity.


Easy-To-Carry Handle

Activate the follow-me self-driving modus and let your board follow you.

Grab your board by the integrated handle and carry it hassle-free and easy.


Monitor and manage your board

Access self-driving mode

Review your CO2 blueprint

Monitor mobility stats (distance, speed) and battery status

Access to premium maintenance service

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